how to maximize your hotspot connection

I’ve been having quite a delay tethering my hotspot wifi to my iPhone 6 since upgrading to the newest iOS 11. T-mobile troubleshooted few steps that might be worth trying prior to calling customer support.

connect you iPhone via wifi, a USB cord or bluetooth #

Make sure the connection is viewable under ‘System Preferences > Network’ shown as follows. Note, I’m using the USB setting.


how to check your wifi download/upload speeds? #

Use any of the online sites or your nifty terminal to test your network and make sure the network detected is your mobile data plan. Install the homebrew pkg speedtest-cli. Keep a score of the speed before moving on to troubleshooting tips.


troubleshoot #

  1. Clear your history and data under Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data


  1. Upgrade to the newest firmware under ‘Settings > General > Software Update’


  1. If you are not traveling internationally, turn on data roaming under ‘Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming On’


Restart and test again. If you see an improvement please mark my post up
so it can be helpful to others. If you have any other helpful tricks share those as well so I can add to the list. When in doubt, ? customers support.


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