creating subdomains on ZEIT parked at iwantmyname

I’m sure this isn’t the most complicated setup but until zeit allows me to transfer the dozen or so domains parked ? on a third party site, follow the steps to create your own subdomain.

Note, I’ve already purchased the domain in the past. If you haven’t already done so, look to buy through zeit domains itself. Their aliasing is a simpler process than this roundabout way.

DNS settings might take a few hours to propagate changes initially but since their essence is to make deployments a no brainer with zero downtime it’s a relatively one time wait. ?

route nameservers to zeit #

Login to iwantmyname and update the domain nameservers at this link replacing the last bit with your domain name.


add your domains via ZEIT #

Login to zeit using their cli tool ‘now’ that should prompt you to create an account if you haven’t already done so. This requires having their application installed from here or via global npm.

now domains will give you helpful options and now domains add <name> will allow you to add your domains.


map subdomain via zeit hosted on zeit or custom site #

This is where I got hung up as the hosting site for the subdomain doesn’t live on zeit itself. It could be some other blog such as svbtle that requires creating a creating an ‘A record’ mentioned here. Zeit DNS gives you plenty of options.

now dns add <domain> <subdomain-name> <record type> <value> [mx_priority]


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